Using an Expo Disc to Set your White Balance

So, you have this great camera and you are working in the manual mode because you are a professional, right, that’s what sets you different from the others (a few other things set you apart too, but we can’t get into all that right now!)….

Then you start noticing that the photos you are taking have this tint of yellow, amber glow, or bluish color flooding all over your images! yikes, its terrible.  If you are like me, you are determined, almost refuse to switch your camera back to the AUTO mode…nope, not doing it, so you fix (or try to) some the images in photoshop or you move your client to a different area in hopes that the lighting will be more balanced with your camera!  UGH!!! too stressful!

So, after much research (blog reading) I found what other successful, professional photogs are using.  Find more information about the Expo Disc from Amy & Jordan Demos and videos from Zach and Jody on how to use the Expo Disc here.

This is what it looks like…fits in my back pocket on location.

expo disc

So I grabbed my vintage fruit bowl (that I used for a cake plate during a cake smash) and vintage pocket book (that’s what my grandmother called her purse – this little thing just screams pocket book to me!) and took a few shots.  This image has the correct white balance using the Expo disc.

vintage fruit bowl

This image below was shot using the white balance setting for outside in the sun.  :-/ It has a pink cast to it.

poor white balance

The image below was shot using the white balance setting indoors under a light bulb.  (Yikes!)

blue tint white balance

So I hope this helps!  …Right now, this is workin’ for me! 😉