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5 Absolute Reasons to Take a Vacation

Karen has 2 boys and three grandchildren….yep, those are the 5 reasons….!  Okay, really its more like 8 reasons if you count her daughter-in-laws (that she bragged on during the entire session!) and her husband!  What a sweet family! So when you clicked on the link to this post, you were probably looking for other legitimate reasons to take a vacation. But family is the ultimate reason!  Spending time together is absolutely essential.  Our lives are so busy and hectic,…

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Youth Camp – Temple, GA

After 10 hours of sleep last night (trying to catch up) and what seemed like a zillion loads of laundry..(okay 6 or 7)…I sit and and try to think where to begin with camp. Break out sessions, worship, the zip-line….?  I have complete writer’s block!  It was amazing and I am not sure how to even begin to describe it adequately! Here’s a slideshow/video to help you visualize if you’re interested! Happy Monday! -Sara

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A Baby Boy on the Way…

I’m thrilled to have captured these sweet photos of Laura and Josh.  It’s certainly an exciting time…and I hope to meet their little one soon!  

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