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It’s a step in the right direction….

I bought some plants from a local nursery…the lady was so sweet, walked around naming each plant for me and providing excellent information about sun, shade, and watering.  I have kept them alive now for about two weeks!  Yes, thank you!  I am thrilled.  I have found that it’s quite therapeutic to go outside and water the plants after you have been sitting inside at a computer all day! 🙂  

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For Photogs….The best $45 I ever spent!

Using an Expo Disc to Set your White Balance So, you have this great camera and you are working in the manual mode because you are a professional, right, that’s what sets you different from the others (a few other things set you apart too, but we can’t get into all that right now!)…. Then you start noticing that the photos you are taking have this tint of yellow, amber glow, or bluish color flooding all over your images! yikes,…

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