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When Harry Met Sally….

So, I’m not Sally and my husband isn’t Harry….but you get the picture! (well hopefully) Robby and I met in Algebra II class, ninth grade (tenth for him), Mrs. Losey’s class. It was the first day of high school and every girl just prays that she makes it through the first day without something horrible happening! It was last period and I didn’t know a soul! How does that happen?…obviously, I had Algebra I with a great group of gals…

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A Not So Dreamy Get-A-Way!

I have come to accept that my family will not be taking magical summer vacation photos each year.  It’s not that we aren’t magical…..oh there’s magic here….there’s just not a dreamy vacation.  🙂 Why?  My husband’s business is much busier in the summer and when we tried to get away on “vacation” his mind was still at work. However, we still get some time off with our kids…and a lot of other kids.  As a family we serve at our church’s…

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Pure Sweetness! – A Pink and Yellow Cake Smash…

Well…it has officially come full circle!  And I hope there’s lots more spiraling with this sweet thing!  Ava was my first newborn baby to photograph and it has been nothing but fun since then!  I can’t believe its been a year, I know that everyone says that….but still.  🙂 This cake smash was lots of fun to prep and photograph…but despite what we thought she was going to do…the cake was not on her side (so, she thought)!  However, she…

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