Family Fridays

…a little insight to what my family might be doing…some may be true, some may be wishful thinking! ;)

Sprinkler Sisters

So today we head to the pool, as usual, on these very hot days, and we get to my mom’s house and she has a sprinkler set up in the yard! Sprinkler + pool = better than just a pool!  The girls love the pool and will stay in for hours sometimes, but today the sprinkler added just a little more excitement!  Hopefully these pics tell the story! I love the color of the water and the splash bubbles in…

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A Not So Dreamy Get-A-Way!

I have come to accept that my family will not be taking magical summer vacation photos each year.  It’s not that we aren’t magical…..oh there’s magic here….there’s just not a dreamy vacation.  🙂 Why?  My husband’s business is much busier in the summer and when we tried to get away on “vacation” his mind was still at work. However, we still get some time off with our kids…and a lot of other kids.  As a family we serve at our church’s…

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