About Me


My name is Sara Walker and I am a native Floridian! I am married to a wonderful man and have 3 beautiful daughters. I am a child and senior photographer. I love being creative.

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Some fun & important facts about me!

  • I love Jesus! I was saved at 21.
  • I have three sisters….
  • grew up on a egg farm! My dad produced eggs for Winn Dixie!
  • …made candles in college..
  • I love the beach!
  • …I always asked for the 300 piece Crayola Art set for Christmas and birthdays!
  • I coach volleyball!
  • I need music ….it speaks to me!
  • thrift shopping is fun – I’m comfortable around vintage, rustic stuff!
  • I taught elementary school for 7 years, before making this plunge full time!
  • coffee is my friend 🙂

photos by Bobbi Rattai Photography