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SarahBeth and Weldon

I’m not sure where to begin with these two.  I hope I captured Sarah’s bubbly nature and Weldon’s southern charm. I met SarahBeth at church several years ago when she was in high school.  She was the same then as she is now…sweet natured, bubbly (like I already mentioned), easy to talk to, down to earth.  You get the picture!  Oh yeah, crazy!  Crazy in a good way! Then months later (at church) she stepped on stage and this fall…

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Sprinkler Sisters

So today we head to the pool, as usual, on these very hot days, and we get to my mom’s house and she has a sprinkler set up in the yard! Sprinkler + pool = better than just a pool!  The girls love the pool and will stay in for hours sometimes, but today the sprinkler added just a little more excitement!  Hopefully these pics tell the story! I love the color of the water and the splash bubbles in…

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