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Hannah & Henry – Their Wedding Day

I’m not sure where to begin, …should I start with how relaxed Hannah seemed through our first conversation and how I knew it was going to be great since she seemed so stress-free….(that continued throughout the whole night, too!) or mention that the first groomsmen session with Henry and the guys had us (myself and second shooter, Bobbi Rattai) laughing and giggling so much that I was somewhat concerned about camera shake! 🙂 …As soon as I arrived, the family…

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Series: A few of my favorite things…

Coffee Okay, I’m keeping this short and sweet… The purpose of this post is to give you a little information about me (if you don’t know me….or don’t know what I like….) So, coffee is a favorite of mine.  It’s maxwell house.  Yep, that’s what I buy when I’m getting coffee….oh sure I would love to drink the fancy stuff all day and night, but it’s not realistic for me! So this is it. And the creamer…it’s a must!  We…

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Good Golly Miss Molly!

Whether you’re a weekender, a local, or northerner down for the winter, you need to try Molly’s Treats!  The girls and I were at the lake house for the week and kept driving by this little shop on the way to the grocery store…and at some point Caroline mentions, “we might want to try that ice cream shop sometime”…. 🙂  Well, that’s about all it takes and I’m in! Is it the ice cream? the idea of a new experience?…

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