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How strong are you?

Is it really about strength? physical strength? I don’t think so. Thanks to Tim Tebow, more people googled this scripture than ever before, when he pasted this verse to his face during a college football game. I see this verse on t-shirts and posters, bumper stickers and obviously, necklaces.  And I love it.  I love the Word of God every time I read it.  But in the past, I would think of this verse and associate it to running the…

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Sigy’s Donuts & Kolaches

Who doesn’t love donuts?  They get a bad rap around the health critics, but a good motto is “everything in moderation”.  I have always loved donuts and claimed that the entire biscuit, bread & butter, danish, muffin genre (the whole pastry department) was my weakness!  Everybody has one I guess! Sigy’s is my featured small business for the week!  I will be selecting a small business to brag about and review each week!  Feel free to make recommendations (in the comments…

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Hannah & Henry – Their Wedding Day

I’m not sure where to begin, …should I start with how relaxed Hannah seemed through our first conversation and how I knew it was going to be great since she seemed so stress-free….(that continued throughout the whole night, too!) or mention that the first groomsmen session with Henry and the guys had us (myself and second shooter, Bobbi Rattai) laughing and giggling so much that I was somewhat concerned about camera shake! 🙂 …As soon as I arrived, the family…

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