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Senior Portraits

It’s that time again! Football season….Friday Night Lights! Dear Highschool Seniors, Don’t wait until the last minute to get your Senior Portraits done! I know you are busy, but the sooner you get them done, the more you and your family¬†get to share your photos! Love, Sara ūüôā And for this handsome guy, Ben….well, he’s at Florida right now! Chomp chomp!! ¬†(notice the gator head in the photo below) I know he’s having a blast and I’m sure his mom…

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How strong are you?

Is it really about strength? physical strength? I don’t think so. Thanks to Tim Tebow, more people googled this scripture than ever before, when he pasted this verse to his face during a college football game. I see this verse on t-shirts and posters, bumper stickers and obviously, necklaces. ¬†And I love it. ¬†I love the Word of God every time I read it. ¬†But in the past, I would think of this verse and associate it to running the…

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Sigy’s Donuts & Kolaches

Who doesn’t love donuts? ¬†They get a bad rap around the health critics, but a good motto is “everything in moderation”. ¬†I have always loved donuts and claimed that the entire biscuit, bread & butter, danish, muffin genre (the whole pastry department) was¬†my weakness! ¬†Everybody has one I guess! Sigy’s is my featured small business for the week! ¬†I will be selecting a small business to brag about and review each week! ¬†Feel free to make recommendations (in the comments…

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